Précis of The Concept of Argument. A Philosophical Foundation

Harald Wohlrapp


The theoretical labor carried out over the past half-century in the field of argumentation theory has become so rich, heterogenous, and controversial by now that there is an urgent need for a philosophically reflected foundation. The present book attempts to deliver such a basis using, in particular, elements of dialectics (Plato, Hegel) and pragmatism (Peirce, Dingler, Lorenzen). It approaches argumentation against the background of the conditio humana: as the medium of maintaining and improving orientation for all aspects of life. This perspective is more abstract than the usual way of addressing argument as a specific way of persuasive communication. However, that abstract philosophical perspective allows, on a concrete level, a more realistic theorization of the practice of argument. Thus, it exhibits some significant new traits, mainly concerning its subjective and its dynamic side.


argument, frame. thetic theory, Wohlrapp

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ISSN: 0824-2577