Some Clarifications about the Argumentative Theory of Reasoning. A Reply to Santibáñez Yañez (2012).

Hugo Mercier


In “Mercier and Sperber’s Argumentative Theory of Reasoning: From Psychology of Reasoning to Argumentation Studies” (2012) Santibáñez Yañez offers constructive comments and criticisms of the argumentative theory of reasoning. The purpose of this reply is twofold. First, it seeks to clarify two points broached by Yanez: (1) the relation between reasoning (in this specific theory) and dual process accounts in general and (2) the benefits that can be derived from reasoning and argumentation (again, in this specific theory). Second, it suggests one domain—the categorization of arguments—in which argumentation studies and the argumentative theory of reasoning could usefully complement each other to yield a better understanding of the processes of argumentation.


Argumentation; Reasoning; Argumentative theory of reasoning; Dual process accounts; Argument schemes.

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ISSN: 0824-2577