The Cogent Reasoning Model of Informal Fallacies Revisited

Daniel N. Boone


The author designed the Reasoning Analysis Test to provide empirical support for the CRM analysis of informal fallacies. While informal, the results provide presumptive evidence that those committing informal fallacies may tacitly reason as predicted by CRM. Davis has argued persuasively that Gricean theory has not lived up to expectations, In light of his critique, the CRM analyses of Begging the Question and Equivocation are amended. Johnson has provided standards for judging any theory of informal fallacies. It is argued that CRM survives the Standard Critique and sufficiently meets Johnson's other criteria.


cogent reasoning model of informal fallacies, Reasoning Analysis Test, ad baculum, Wayne A. Davis, Grice, begging the question fallacy, equivocation fallacy, Ralph H. Johnson, informal fallacy, fallacy theory

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ISSN: 0824-2577