Vol 3 (2010)

Between the Tides

Table of Contents

Editorial Board and Reviewers PDF
Foreword PDF
A Message from the President of the STLHE PDF
1. Rising With the Tide: Applying Adaptive Mentorship in the Professional Practicum PDF
Edwin G. Ralph, Keith Walker
2. Clickers 201: Exploring the Next Levels of Using Classroom Response Systems in Science Courses PDF
Tanya Noel
3. Qui a Peur d’une Pédagogie Différentielle des Sexes? PDF
Claude Lamontagne
4. Responding to the Challenging Dilemma of Faculty Engagement in Research on Teaching and Learning and Disciplinary Research PDF
Natasha Kenny, Frederick Evers
5. Exploring Identities Through Poetic Inquiry: Heartful Journeys Into Tangled Places of Complicated Truths and Desires PDF
John J. Guiney Yallop, Kathleen Naylor, Shamimara Sharif, Nancy Taylor
6. Moving (Literally) to Engage Students: Putting the (Physically) Active in Active Learning PDF
William B. Strean
7. Videoconference Teaching for Graduate Courses in Educational Administration PDF
Ken Brien
8. Creativity and Writing: The Postcard Project PDF
Mercedes Rowinsky-Geurts
9. Quality Matters: A Faculty-Centred Program to Assure Quality in Online Course Design PDF
Kay Shattuck
10. Inspiring Writing in the Sciences: An Undergraduate Electronic Journal Project PDF
Peggy Pritchard, Dan Thomas
11. Learning Portfolios: Creative Connections Between Formal and Informal Learning PDF
Alice Cassidy
12. Canadian Educational Development Centre Websites: More Ebb Than Flow? PDF
Nicola Simmons
13. Paddle Your Own Canoe: Metaphors for Teaching Between the Tides PDF
W. Alan Wright, Marie-Jeanne Monette, Beverley Hamilton
14. Conversations and Collaborations PDF
Cynthia Korpan
15. Academic In/Civility: Co-Constructing the Foundation for a Civil Learning Community PDF
Zopito Marini, Christine Polihronis, Wendy Blackwell
16. Culture and Ethics in First Nations Educational Research PDF
Josiah Taylor, Evie Plaice, Imelda Perley
17. Des Dilemmes Normatifs dans l’Enseignement du Français Langue Maternelle dans les Universités Anglocanadiennes : Le Cas de l’Université de Windsor PDF
Jean-Guy Mboudjeke
18. Electronic Social Networks, Teaching, and Learning PDF
Anne Banks Pidduck
19. Two Sides of the Same Coin: Student-Faculty Perspectives of the Course Syllabus PDF
Jeanette McDonald, Gillian Siddall, Deena Mandell, Sandy Hughes
20. Learning That Matters: Discovery of Meaning and Development of Wisdom in Undergraduate Education PDF
Thomas Mengel
21. Enriching Social Work Through Interdisciplinary Disability Studies PDF
Irene Carter, Christine Quaglia, Donald Leslie
22. High to Low Tide: The High School–University Transition PDF
David C. Stone
23. No Dilemma at all: The Importance of Liberal Education in Developing Skills for Employability PDF
D. Bruce MacKay
24. Developing Effective Guidelines for Faculty Teaching First-Year University Students PDF
Irene Carter, Donald Leslie, Donald Leslie, Sarah Moore, Sarah Moore
25. Experiences of New Faculty in a Transitional Institution PDF
Michelle Yeo, Deb Bennett, Deb Bennett, Cari Merkley, Cari Merkley, Jane McNichol, Jane McNichol, Carlton Osakwe, Carlton Osakwe, Carolyn Pada, Carolyn Pada
26. Teaching Transdisciplinarity in a Discipline-Centred World PDF
M. Elizabeth Snow, Amy Salmon, Richard Young
27. L’Étudiant de Niveaux Débutant et Intermédiaire en Phonétique Corrective Face aux Outils d’Auto-Apprentissage PDF
Svetla Kaménova
28. How Much Language Do They Need? The Dilemma English-Medium Universities Face When Enrolling English as an Additional Language Students PDF
Janet von Randow
29. Two Models for Introducing Graduate Students to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning PDF
Natasha Patrito Hannon, Svitlana Taraban-Gordon
30. L’Accès et la Réussite au Postsecondaire pour les Étudiants Issus de Groupes Sous-Représentés : Un Défi Collectif PDF
Marie-Jeanne Monette, W. Alan Wright
31. Exploring Motivational and Learning Differences With Mature Students in Post-Secondary Education PDF
William C. Murray, Leslie Smith, Keith Nielson
32. Teaching Writing Skills That Enhance Student Success in Future Employment PDF
James P. Coyle